Significant progress has been made in the field of chemical enhanced oil recovery since the early 1960s. Today’s high oil prices, concerns about future oil supply and increasing demand for clean water are leading to a renewed interest in advanced polymer chemistry.

Our primary focus is to conduct extensive field research on EOR and water treatment processes, then develop and commercialize the most advanced technology based products to optimize field applications. These technologies have been developed based on:

» Innovative sweep and displacement mechanisms for polymer flood.
» Polymer science, colloid and surface chemistry, molecular modeling.
» Novel monomers and organometallic catalysts design and synthesis.
» Dynamic production process simulation.


New challenges demand new solutions, which is why we are continually increasing our investment and involvement in polymer research and development. Working closely with two premier polymer research centers and collaborating with key individuals in leading global energy companies and industrial water treatment facilities, we are committed to the development and commercialization of next generation polymers for EOR and wastewater treatment applications.


» Leading Research Cente
» Global Energy Companies
» Water Treatment Facilities
» Oil Production Service Companies


Our efforts do not stop in the laboratory. We work continuously with experts in the fiel and academic environments to test and retest our products. To meet our goal in creating the most advanced polymers for enhanced oil recovery, we carry out a variety of tests including:

» Reservoir sample analysis
» Geology based phase behavior and modeling
» Compatibility testing
» Core flood analysis
» In-depth profile and conformance control


Applying advanced polymer sciences and colloid chemistry to the needs of customers in the oil production and water treatment industries has helped us to develop and commercialize several new products that are transforming the future of enhanced oil recovery and displacement technology. Our future, next generation of polymer products include:

» HyboMax - UHT: Ultra high temperature polymer
» HybloFloc - Mircogel: Long lasting, fast dispersing flocculant emulsion
» HyboMs - Modularized mixing and injection system
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